REPORTS TO: Head of Online


SALARY: Dependent on experience

Job Description

Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Play the lead role in defining the overall strategy for the Italian Casino business,
    o As a leader and senior member of this business, you are also expected to play a strong and positive role as a leader in the broader business
  • Driving customer retention & extracting value:
    o Ensuring that player activity and changes are closely monitored to ensure maximum extraction of value.
    o Implementing all appropriate measures to achieve the above, covering alternative communication methods, promotional mix, user experience, promotional strategy etc.
  • Delivering world class promotions and retention interventions
    o Promotions definition, promotion execution, segment analysis, promotion analysis and experience management of all regional player segments.
  • With the reacquisitions team, driving efficient and effective reacquisition efforts across both products, brands and [where relevant] language
  • Working closely with the VIP team to ensure that a Stanleybet centric VIP program is implemented & built, which ensures that:
    o Stanleybet VIPs are effectively identified, developed and retained
    o Web projects, opening offer implementation, management and analysis
    o Recognition and implementation of new projects / partnerships which deliver growth

Be a leader: Overall Strategic direction & Team Management

  • Define the strategic direction of the Stanleybet Casino businesses, through active engagement with Senior Management and other divisions
    o Product/brand strategy
    o Retention & Promotions strategy
    o Work closely with acquisitions to ensure that acquisitions and conversions are engaged with your strategy
  • Regular reporting back to the business and management on the performance of our Stanleybet Casino business, covering key metrics, growth drivers and areas of the business which require attention
  • Ensure that the broader Stanleybet team is suitably trained, staffed and managed in order to achieve the objectives set out
    o Identify growth & development areas
  • Where relevant, manage all partnerships and projects in conjunction with external parties
  • Display leadership behavior, personal integrity and drive by creating a work environment that encourages excellence, rewards performance, and embraces change.
  • Take positive action in dealing with underperformance and mediocrity, and effectively resolve & manage conflict.
  • Be fully committed to Living the Stanleybet Values and acts as a role model by building mutual accountability for meeting business and individual objectives.
  • Be a positive influence in the business, enabling cross-divisional projects and assisting the business in bringing the overall vision and strategy to fruition.

Business Growth: Player Retention, Value & Promotion Management [In conjunction with the retention team where applicable]

  • Implement effective product and segment specific promotions, targeting specific value & retention deficiencies or opportunities
  • Creative & effective leveraging of appropriate channels for all Casino Retention Marketing purposes [including SMS, email, DM etc]
  • Driving 2nd and ongoing purchase & play [manage & mine the single depositing customer database]
  • Ensure that Big Winners, Big Losers & Big Purchasers are treated appropriately in order to extend lifetime & value
  • Implement and manage an effective new player development / hand-holding program
  • Play a leading role in ensuring that MIMO related / deposit, withdrawal & APM issues & opportunities are identified and dealt with
  • Apply competitor research in your teams promotional thinking & execution
  • Ensure that all promotional execution is error-free & world class
  • Leverage cross branding effectively to extend player lifetime & value

Business Growth: Acquisitions, Conversions and Channel Development [In conjunction with the conversions, team]

  • Ensure that all elements of the Stanleybet acquisitions funnel are understood, analyzed and improved upon.
  • Increase the volume of acquired and converted profitable Stanleybet customers.
  • Ensure appropriateness & effectiveness of conversions communications tracks, player interventions.
  • Pay attention to the use of Bonus spend on acquisitions and conversions.
  • Investigate and implement new & effective channel Casino Retention Marketing initiatives [Stanleybet display networks, offline activations and initiatives etc.].
  • Ongoing review and analysis of performance of initiatives, maximizing volume and value and ensuring that the number of delivering campaigns is improved over time.
  • Support the affiliate channel with insights, campaigns and drive where appropriate, channel specific campaigns and Retention tracks.

Reacquisition [In conjunction with the retention team where applicable]

  • Design & implement efficient & effective program/s to reacquire lapsed / lapsing customers and extend both their lifetimes and values.
  • Ensure that all campaigns are product appropriate & relevant [review alternative strategies for different platforms].
  • Leverage all available communication channels [Email, outbound, SMS & Direct Mail].
  • Ensure that campaigns are value focused [not volume only].
  • Leverage effective cross-branding & product vertical leveraging.
  • Ensure that reacquired customers are retained beyond the initial reacquisition.

Overall Product Management: Web Projects, Opening Offers, Application development etc.

  • Manage the websites of the Stanleybet brands, ensuring that they are optimized for usability, onsite conversions and are brand appropriate.
  • Ensure that the opening offers are at all times relevant and economically effective
    o Where possible test alternative opening offers
    o And provide affiliate specific opening offers where appropriate
  • Maintain error-free & effective content on the websites at all times, ensuring timely promotional content updates.
  • Pay attention to web analytics relating to the websites, and develop improvements based on the learnings.
  • Play the driving role in developing, enhancing and improving the overall Stanleybet product delivery & UX.
  • Work with the product team directly to ensure that:
    o We are using all available Stanleybet product features
    o We are working closely to help define the future path of the Stanleybet product offering

Qualifications and Education Requirements

High school diploma or equivalent; postsecondary education recommended

Preffered Skills

  • Office suite: Excel (Pivots), PowerPoint, Word
  • Online Casino experience an advantage