Magellan Robotech launches the MBK (Magellan Betting Kiosk) business division and unveils the “K1”: stunning design and high quality for a very unique self-service cabinet.

Magellan Robotech, Magellan Robotech, division B2B of the Stanleybet Group, a company that creates solutions for operators of virtual 3D games and gaming products, has recently unveiled at BOS in London “K1”, the first standalone terminal entirely produced in-house by MBK (Magellan betting Kiosk), Company and brand part of Stanleybet Group.  

K1 combines an outstanding and exclusive design with a high standard default set of components, such as an industrial motherboard and 24” quality monitors, the new product is finished with durable materials and is also compatible with any Magellan product, becoming an end-to-end solution for any operator. As a standard, the cabinet comes out with a custom illuminated laser-cut logo, RGB LED lights and can be produced in endless colour combinations, so as to maximise the customer’s brand visibility. On top of the standard product line, K1 in presented in a range of luxury options to choose from, like the finest metallic paint or the pull-out shelf.

Christian Maglia, CCO Magellan Robotech stated: “We have been proud to unveil this incredible product at BOS 2019. K1 is innovative. Versatile. Functional. Extremely user friendly.

The cabinet has been entirely designed and created by our internal team: this was crucial for us in order to launch a product at the highest standard of the market. K1 is solid, durable, eye catching, highly customisable and it goes on the market at a very competitive price.”

Enthusiastic, Milijan Raspudic, head of sales for MBK division, declared: “The Company directly manages the production process, which enables us to continually monitor and therefore guarantee the quality of our products. Creating K1 has been an incredible creative experience. In Magellan we care about product details: high quality cold rolled sheet metal, electrostatic painting, CNC metal cutting and bending, just to mention a few. Owning a tremendous amount of experience in retail business, our internal team is very skilled in creating products with “bettor-friendly” technology, design and experience. “

The MBK “K1” will be shown at Sigma Malta, 27-30 November 2019.