After 65 years since its establishment, the Stanleybet Group has implemented a restyling of the existing brand, opening to the temporary inclusion of new colours, to honour historical events. A decision that maintains the group’s ideals, while giving the brand dynamism and adaptability.

Liverpool (United Kingdom), 20.03.2023 – The Stanleybet Group, after 65 years of history, announces the restyling for the entire range of brands associated with the Group. The business started out as a bookmaker in 1958, and over the years it evolved in a consolidated group, currently also active in the creation and development of virtual games and gaming platforms. By relaunching its brand, Stanleybet is now looking to the future of the global market, where the Group has always played a lead role, while balancing tradition and innovation, with enthusiasm and dynamism.

Giovanni Garrisi, CEO of the Group, said: “Since we first considered the rebranding, the goal has been to continue to embody the Group’s core values – Strength, Dynamism and Balance – while responding to the changes in the industry and, more generally, to new styles and trends used to convey a message”.

Ivan Fantasia, Head of Brand, Marketing & Communications for the Stanleybet Group, said: “My team and I evaluated various options, ranging from more cautious choices to more audacious ones. We ultimately decided to carefully restyle the brand that was already in use, with a final outcome that less accustomed eyes might not even detect initially. The token will stand in for the actual change. The diagonal ‘cut’ that divides the token symbolises the balance between tradition and innovation. The slope of that cut has now been set at 18 degrees, along with the slope of the Stanleybet trademark letters. In addition to redefining visual equilibrium, the number 18° also has significant symbolic resonance, both in terms of the gambling’s age restriction and the positive connotations it has in other numerologies, such as strength, luck, and prosperity. Additionally, the colour of the small section of the token – and with it, occasionally, also the background of the logo itself – will adopt a theme or different colours on our social media channels, which will be dedicated to the celebration of an event of historic significance, whether it be sporting, cultural, or customary”. A decision that gives the brand dynamism and adaptability, allowing for quick, direct and effective communication, which can be used in a variety of contexts and events, and is crucial for reaffirming the Stanleybet group’s leadership in contemporary communication, where social media have contributed to a significant shift in written and figurative language.