Magellan Robotech to take part in ‘Betting On Sports’, September 17–21 in London

Magellan Robotech, division B2B of the Stanleybet Group, a company that creates solutions for operators of virtual 3D games and gaming products, will take part as a sponsor in the 2019 SBC “Betting on Sports” conference.

For their first time at BOS London, the British group has chosen to sponsor the entire US Sports Lounge, which will have US sports as its theme. The full portfolio of Magellan products will be promoted within the VIP networking area, featuring the latest offerings to be released.

First up, the online version of the virtual football league Trident which, after resounding success in its retail format, will be launched in desktop and mobile versions. Midas Touch&Bet, an intuitive and highly customisable retail touch screen betting system, developed to meet the needs of customers and operators alike.

The MBK (Magellan Betting Kiosks), self-service terminals created in their entirety by the company in an exclusive design available in an array of colours. MBKs are fully compatible with all Magellan products and are made available at a highly competitive price.

Pierluigi Chiusolo, IT Director of the Stanleybet Group, stated: “The ability to innovate and adapt has become a company hallmark and a key source of inspiration for the Magellan team. As such, we are able to provide operators with the capacity to design, innovate and offer USPs in a highly competitive market. Our products are the perfect solution for all operators in the sector in need of an approachable provider who can quickly and easily customise and implement their offerings.”

Christian Maglia, CCO of Magellan, who recently joined the group, enthusiastically welcomes the company’s participation in BOS 19. “Thanks to our bookmaking knowhow and more than 60 years’ experience in the retail sector, at Stanleybet Group we understand that the demands and needs of players themselves can guide the internal innovation process. And when we asked ourselves how to put the players at the center of our R&D strategy, Magellan Robotech was the answer. Being a bookmaker/provider makes us dynamic and effective in attending to operators’ and players’ needs. This is what distinguishes us from any other provider on the market.

Our products are created and developed with the guidance of our customers, who are instrumental in assisting our development team. This process allows us to identify and anticipate trends to explore as well as a player’s ‘must haves’ before they even exist.”

Save the Date:

SBC Betting on Sports Conference, 17–21 September 2019

Magellan Robotech – US Sports Lounge VIP networking area G10 – OLYMPIA LONDON

Hammersmith Rd, Hammersmith, London W14 8UX