Magellan Robotech, the B2B division of the Stanleybet Group, a company that provides solutions for 3D gaming operators and gaming products, announces the launch of its new K1 sports betting terminals in Belgium.

The first 30 machines have already started and will be used to set up the first shops. The distribution of the product within the shops in Belgium will be completed within the next two months and by the end of the year the export to the Denmark market will begin. Production never stopped, even during the COVID emergency and the launch of the new K1 terminals enriches the experience of shop customers through the interaction of physical and digital thanks to technologies that create entirely new experiences.

K1 is an autonomous betting terminal, designed and produced by MBK (Magellan Betting Kiosk), part of the Stanleybet Group. Equipped and finished with high quality components and materials, MBK – K1 is totally customizable and compatible with any Magellan product. With a backlit logo at the top, led lights along the perimeter and two high resolution screens, K1 allows customers to bet and simultaneously follow virtual / live events, offering a unique betting experience. A single solution able to combine all the features of the rich game offer in a single product.

The K1 terminal is unique in its kind, thanks to the high customization, especially in the colours, the backlit logo in the upper part and LEDs along the entire perimeter, which can change colour. The design is developed internally, from the concept to the executive technical drawings, with the idea of ​​entering the market with a product that can be associated with the medium-high range stand-alone of the other competitors, offering quality, attention to aesthetic details, technical and custom performance. above average options, at lower prices. The first prototypes were presented at BOS London 2019 and ICE London 2020 with extremely positive feedback and attracted the interest of small and large players in the sector.

Download the MBK – K1 flyer.