Buenos Aires, 19.07.2018


What will you be exhibiting in the next edition of SAGSE Buenos Aires?

Stanleybet will exhibit as a Group its Global retail and online network focusing particularly on the range of products developed by the internal software house, Magellan Robotech, the B2B brand of the Group.

Under this brand, the Company currently develops and trades 3D virtual products, self-service betting systems, retail and online systems (platforms).

At the SAGSE we will present the highly customizable features of Magellan products and how they can be branded and successfully marketed in a retail environment.

As an International bookmaker with 60 years of presence in Europe (1958-2018), Stanleybet Group offers a great expertise in understanding retail environment and in identifying the innovation paths to make the difference in the industry. Thanks to the experience gained, we have been able to approach the market in a different and versatile way, more focused on understanding the real customer needs.

As a bookmaker, for guaranteeing innovation, we questioned ourselves about how to put our customers “at the core” and Magellan Robotech has been the answer.

The products developed internally by our B2B brand are the perfect solution for all the gambling operators that aim to have a provider which is easy to approach, fast in installing the products and capable to customize them. With its bespoke products, Magellan helps the operators to easily offer a USP (unique selling proposition) in a very competitive market.


Why did you choose to participate in this exhibition?

We have chosen to be present at this event because, as a Group, we aim to reach the most important actors in the Gaming sector in South America, and this exhibition is the perfect occasion to show our deep knowledge and experience in the betting and gaming Industry. Moreover, as a B2B Company, we are ready to launch overseas our new bespoke products, fully in-house developed under the Magellan Robotech brand.


What are your expectations for the event?

Our aim as a Company is to approach South America market, particularly Argentina, because we believe that, being B2C and B2B operator, we are able to offer a more complete expertise. The Company gained an international knowledge in entering and succeeding in different markets thanks to the right product strategy and the ability to understand the different markets’ needs.


How do you see the Latin American market?

We find this market extremely interesting because of the cultural affinity with south of Europe countries, for example Italy, where we are very successful.

In addition, our significant experience in Lottery, key product in Argentina, makes the Stanleybet Group a perfect partner to consider for operating in the Latin American market.


In which countries is the Stanleybet Group present today?

As B2B brand, we are currently operating in Croatia, Romania, Nigeria, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Malta, Cyprus and shortly in the UK.

As B2C the Group operates in Italy, UK, Belgium, Denmark, Cyprus and Germany.


Are you interested in the Latin market? In which countries?

Yes we are. We are currently looking at Argentina, Peru and Colombia, and at Central America, as well.